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Mini Pressure Pumps

Direct current pumps are mini air pressure pumps that are made for special devices such as blood pressure meters. Sphygmomanometers, as they are called in the medical field, were first invented by Samuel Siegfried Karl Ritter Von Basch in 1881, and since that time has transformed the medical community and our understanding of blood pressure. Blood pressure monitors use a direct current air pump, a type of micropump. Other medical devices and examination equipment devices used in the medical industry feature similar functions and require a direct current pump.

cm-15-24 enomoto

If you are a emergency medical supply company, manufacturing company, or in a similar field you will want to get fast delivery of direct current pump technologies. In addition to blood pressure monitors and dental equipment, direct current micropumps are also used in inkjet printers. The first continuous inkjet was invented by Lord Kelvin in 1967 and used a high pressure pump that directed liquid ink from a basic through a gunbody into a micro nozzle that would disperse the ink droplets.

Kaizen Automation sells automation products from Japanese manufacturers, such as Enomoto Micropump. We carry the CM-15-24 direct current air pump, as well as the MV-610 electromagnetic micropump made by Enomoto Micropump company.

The Enomoto CM-15-24 direct current pump, has several helpful specifications to aid in various engineering fabrications where a micropump is needed.

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