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Enomoto Micro pumps

Micro pumps

Micro pumps are devices that can control and manipulate small fluid volumes. Although any kind of miniature pump is often referred to as micro pump, a more accurate definition limits this term to pumps with functional dimensions in the micrometer range. Because of their special interest in microfluidic research, these pumps have become available for industrial product integration in the past few years. It’s size, costs, and dosing accuracy has fueled the increasing interest for these innovative pumps.

These pumps will help to usher in the proliferation of a large class of laboratory based instruments in the industrial and consumer markets that will eventually affect everyday life. This will lead to new functionalities for mobile devices, health, bio-defenses, and security. Some examples include air quality, bio-toxin and health monitoring, large gas/chemical sensor networks, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications, law enforcement and even gaming. Micropumps have a great potential for bio inspired applications, for example, electromagnetic micro pumps using Magnetorheological elastomer to replace lymphatic vessels. These pumps are also trending heavily in the medical use industry. Medical device pumps are used in a diverse array of applications to provide pressure or a vacuum signal, many pumps can be based on different technologies, such as diaphragms or pneumatic drives. They can come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, flow-rate capacities, and pressure and vacuum ratings.

Enomoto CM-15-24

The Enomoto CM-15-24 is a direct-current air pump, widely used and known in the medical field for medical examinations equipment or dental treatment devices. These pumps feature long service lives and tend to be extremely helpful and efficient. To view our inventory, click here.

micro pumps

Specifications (CM-15-24)

micro pumps

micro pumps               micro pumps

Enomoto MV-610

The MV-610 is a compact electromagnetic diaphragm air pump thats driven by reciprocating operation of electromagnet and permanent magnet. Electromagnetic pumps shine waves from an AC coil or square waves from a DC coil from a board fitted with magnets which make the diaphragm move back and forth. These pumps are generally low cost, compact, and highly flexible in terms of installation. Most commonly used for gas detectors and gas analysis equipment. To view our inventory, click here.

micro pumps

Specifications (MV-610)

micro pumps

micro pumps                         Micro Pumps

Enomoto GS-6EA

The Enomoto GS-6EA is a motor driven air pump. With these types of micropumps, a motor enables an arm rod to move up and down via a crank, thereby allowing the diaphragm to move back and forth. This type of pump is useful for automobile measuring equipment, gas detectors, nebulizers, and vacuum seals. The flow rate and pressure are higher compared to the MV-610. To view our inventory, click here.


micro pumps


Specifications (GS-6EA)

micro pumps

micro pumps                      micro pumps