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Enomoto Micro Pump Mfg., Ltd. was founded in June of 1969 and are among the world's leading suppliers of micro pumps, from emission measurement and gas monitoring equipment to analysis equipment and medical devices such as endoscopes and digital image processing equipment. Micro pumps perform a role of critical importance and in essence, act as the "heart" and "lungs" of the equipment in which they are used. This company makes a great contribution to society and they remain committed to further technological progress in the pursuit of an even greater and more valuable role for their products. To view Enomoto website, click here.


We provide the best selling and most innovative Enomoto Micro Pumps available. These pumps will help to usher in the proliferation of a large class of laboratory based instruments in the industrial and consumer markets. These pumps will lead to new functionalities for mobile devices, health, bio defenses, and security. Some examples include air quality, bio-toxin and health monitoring, large gas/chemical sensor networks, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications, law enforcement and even gaming. Please click one of the links below for more information on these products.