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Need industrial automation parts delivered to your company? Do you use hard to find Japanese automation components? Kaizen Automation is an industry leader for industrial automation parts from hundreds of Japanese manufacturers and suppliers. We offer the full spectrum of complete automation systems including upgrading your existing factory automation design, creating automated machines, and designing inexpensive robotics that allow you to reduce your labor and production related costs.

We would love to hear more about your company and the applications that you are currently using, or desire to use. If your application involves dispensing, painting, packing/Palletizing, welding/cutting, material removal/material handling, we can provide complete turn-key system or case by case applications.

Our solutions ensure that your industrial equipment is safe, efficient, and reliable. Kaizen Robotics specifically designs custom applications built just for your case or scenario. Learn more about industrial automation parts, and machinery. Our clients routinely come to us for machine parts upgrades, retrofits, troubleshooting, new production line installations, PLC program modifications, PLC Programming, Machine Human Interface operator control interfaces and control panel fabrications. We can help you with all of your related automated machinery design and integration needs.

If you need measurement and inspection systems in place, we’d love to help you. Our control panel fabrications allow you to take control of every aspect including drives and tension controls, etc.