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New Era Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic actuators are a reliable technology, proven over decades of innovation and performance. A pneumatic control valve actuator converts energy, typically in the form of compressed air, into mechanical motion. Our modern lives are based around the linear actuators that push, pull, rotate, clamp, move, and position the products that we use everyday. There are many types of actuators but they mainly consists of a piston or diaphragm, which gives it its motive power.  It retains the air in the upper portion of the cylinder enabling air pressure to force the diaphragm or piston to move the valve stem or rotate the valve control element. 


Match the Actuator to the Application

Choosing the correct actuator for an application starts by answering a few simple questions: 

  • What work will the actuator perform? - lift, push, open/close? 
  • What is the desired end result of the operation? 
  • How much weight does the load contain?
  • What's the distance it must travel? 
  • How fast must the cylinder strike and recover? 
  • How will the motion be stopped?
  • What is the operating environment? 

pneumatic actuator

Figuring out and understanding what the cylinder must do will help designers comprehend how much force will be required, which will determine the bore size. This can also guide decisions made about cycle speed, which regulates throughput, productivity, longevity, and controllability.

Application Use

The pneumatic actuators are used in a variety of industries. It is easy to take them for granted or see them as commodities, but there is more variety in use and in design than you might think. Some examples include a microbrewery that needs to increase production capacity and efficiency, but had no room for a new production line. In this case, they solved the situation with a rotary kegging machine, as the linear actuators on top of the machine control the motion of the keggs through the process. Another example would be a bread baker that found excessive vibration during production that was causing the bread to rise unevenly, or worse, not at all. Getting bread to rise can be a delicate operation which is why they replaced the existing pneumatic cylinders with cylinders that had a specialized elastomeric seal at the end of the tube that reduced vibration, and product quality immediately improved. 

Actuators are used extensively to operate valves remotely and are also used in many linear motion applications where air power is not available to drive cylinders or where extra force is needed from compact designs. Linear actuators are used in packaging machines, medical equipment, production machinery, etc. as well as in a host of transportation industry applications from aircraft to rail.

New Era HP04R Parallel Linear Gripper (Standard Type)

This product from New Era now has 2 times the amount of durability. This expanded product series features a repeat accuracy of ±0.01mm or less and a centering accuracy of Centering accuracy: ±0.07mm or less. The data on its gripping or closing force reveals 4.5〜418N and its stroke, 4〜36mm. Switch is available. Cylinder Bore (mm) - 8,10,16,20,25,32,40,50mm. 

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New Era VH-20A Rotating Gripper

The New Era VH-20A rotating gripper comes with a cylinder bore (mm) of 20mm, and 2 levers. It operates using a single acting normally open design. It’s closing or gripping force is 14.0N. Stroke is 20.0mm and it has an overall mass of 220g~.

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New Era HP01-16 Parallel Gripper

The HP01-16 Parallel Gripper has a cylinder bore  (mm) of 16 mm and comes with 2 levers. It’s a double acting gripper with a product mass of 890g~, and gripping force of 41.0N.

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New Era VH-32C Rotating Gripper

This New Era rotating gripper features a cylinder bore (mm) of 32 mm and comes with 2 levers. It’s a double acting gripper with a product mass of 470g~, gripping force of 70.0N.

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