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Since the establishment in 1939, New-Era has continued to serve society through the creation of new value. The manufacturer has gained its strong reputation through both domestic and international customers due to their skillfully manufactured electrical components for automobiles, industrial pneumatic actuators, and power supply products. New-Era's keen innovation of industrial pneumatic actuators has proved its reliable technology over decades of performance. To view our inventory, click here.



We supply the best selling and most innovative New-Era Pneumatic Actuators available. These products are vastly used in a number of applications around the world including: packaging machines, medical equipment, production machinery, etc. as well as in a host of transportation industry applications from aircraft to rail. Robotic grippers perform tasks such as machine tending, general pick-and-place, product testing, assembly, mobile manipulation, packaging and any other applications that require the robot to carry parts from one position to another. Please click one of the links below for more information on these products.