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Niigata Seiki LevelNic DL-S3

Digital Levlers

Leveling and angular measurements play a critical role for precision equipment installation. Imprecise leveling of a machine can ultimately impact its structural stability leading to reduced  accuracy, functional, and quality performances of machines and equipment. Research shows that up to 75% of initial errors of new machine tools can be traced back to the manufacturing, assembly, and installations. Let’s face it, misalignments are no good. From our experience, digital levelers significantly reduce errors and keep machine tools running at peak performance. Take a look at the Niigata Seiki LevelNic DL-S3, where we highlight key features and speculations.

Niigata Seiki LevelNic DL-S3

The Niigata Seiki LevelNic DL-S3 is a digital level that provides high accuracy leveling with  simple and clear operation.  This measurement instrument line is exceptionally convenient and very useful to adjust flatness, levelness, and straightness of working machines and setup.  The LevelNic is extremely efficient, take less time, cost less, and can be easily used by anyone.


Niigata Seiki LevelNic DL-S3 and DL-S2W


The Niigata Seiki LevelNic DL-S3 has many great features. Its lightweight aluminum body, and a stronger, more dense base made of cast iron allows for a light but sturdy leveler.  The measurement value can be output with a RS-232 signal and can also be connectable to a PC or printer using its standard RS-232 interface.

Also if needed, you can even attach a custom-made base through the threaded screw holes located at the bottom of the base.  To fix the datum point simply divide the measurement value into halves with a one touch operation (with “0” cal. switch, 1/2 cal. switch). To view our inventory, click here.


Niigata Seiki LevelNic DL-S3※ 1:For DEG(°)Display mode, “0 (Zero)” before the decimal point is not displayed.
For 0.001 mm/m (0.0001°) display mode, maximum reading which can be displayed is less than ± 1.999 mm/m( ± 0.1145°)

※ 2:% rdg indicates the percentage of displayed value

※ 3:May vary depending upon measurement conditions

Run time ※3 for zinc-carbon cell is approximately 10 hours and approximately 20 hours for alkaline cell.

Rechargeable Battery (DL-S3C)

Kaizen Automation also offers the rechargeable battery DL-S3C for the Niigata Seiki LevelNic DL-S3. It requires a power source NI-MH rechargeable 8.4 nominal voltage, 200 mAh. For the battery to be fully charged, it needs approximately a 12 hour charging time.  This will allow the battery to run for 9 hours.