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Niigata Seiki LevelNic Measurement Software

Niigata Seiki LevelNic Measurement Software

The Niigata Seiki LevelNic Measurement Software allows for a simple operation that’s very effective and easy to use. LevelNic’s Straightness (ST-E) and Flatness (FL-E) Measurement Computer Software greatly reduces measurement time by recording the results for straightness and flatness measurements. Kaizen Automation also supplies the Data Record Software that records output data from the LevelNic that can be stored into a text file (LEVELOG-E). These softwares are compatible with the Niigata Seiki DL-S3 and DL-S2W which we also offer. To view our inventory, click here.

LevelNic’s measurement software can load and store the measurement data directly to your PC  which is automatically calculated by the measured value and displayed on the graph for visual confirmation. The simple display of measurement results and color graphics display makes the software easy to use and understand. You are able to choose from four measurement patterns in which you can use various display methods to find the one that works best for you.


Supported operating systems for the Niigata Seiki LevelNic Measurement Software includes Windows XP and Vista (7&8). These software features are both wired and wireless capability. When using the ST or FL software, simply drag and drop .exe file, and double click to start.   There’s no need to install the software to a PC, since it can even be used directly from USB memory. Data can be manually typed in from any level, including bubble tube type level. With FL and ST Software LevelNic can easily perform the flatness or straightness measurements that once required an autocollimator, and for lower cost.

With the computer connected to the LevelNic output, sequential measurements taken at regular intervals can be used to calculate flatness and straightness for display, printing, and storage.  To view our inventory, click here.

Straightness Software. Order No. 010070. Model No. ST-E.

Flatness Software. Order No. 010069. Model No. FL-E.

Data Record Software. Order No. 010068. Model No. LEVELOG-E.

Niigata Seiki LevelNic Measurement Software