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Niigata Seiki

Niigata Seiki co.,Ltd. was founded in August of 1960, this is where they began their long journey as a manufacturer and sales of measuring tools and DIY products. Since 1960, their growth has skyrocketed and has led them to branch out new offices throughout Asia. This company has made sure their various measuring products are the most reliable and effective. These products accommodate customers with high precision accuracy, advanced features, and robustness. Their factory location is Japan helps provide us with a steady stream of their newest and most effective Japanese leveling tools and measurement software. To visit the Niigata Seiki website, click the link here.


We provide the most dependable and essential Niigata Seiki products including their advanced digital levelers that play a critical role in precision equipment installation. We also offer their measurement software that assist in making the most precise measurements when using these leveling tools. For more information about these products, please select one of the links below.