Kaizen Automation, Inc. Source for Japanese Control Panels, Enclosures, touch screen enclosures and control boxes from Nitto

Nitto Enclosures are high quality durable long life enlcosures for automation and controls wiring and terminations.  These enclosures are made in Japan and used on many OEM and automation production line installations in many Japanese manufacturing locations.

Control Panel Enlcosures for automation and controls component housing, wiring, junction and terminations.  Many types to choose from for your specific application.  We offer touch screen enclosures with precut industry standard rectangular openings ready for your touch screen installation.  Other types are pre-drilled push button holes for operator control panel assembly
CH Series Control Box

C Series Control Box

CR Series Control Box

CRV Series Control Box





CS Series Control Box CS-A)

CS Series Control Box (PA)

Touch Panel Box(CVT) CD Series Control Box
PD Series Controls Cabinet PD)

PD Series Controls Cabinet Aluminum Panel(PD-A) PC Controller Cabinet(PE)

PE Controller Cabinet Options

CL Series Box - Empty Series(CL)

CF Series Box - Empty (CF)   

CN Series Box - Empty(CN)    

CL Series Box Approved for Int'l Use(CL-U)

CL Series Box Metal Installation Adapters(CX-M) CF Seires Box International Use(CF-U) EB Series Control Box EB)

KL Series Terminal Box (KL)
TE Series Slim Neat Terminal Box (TE)
TE Series Terminal Box (TE-R)
TC Series Terminal Box (TC) TVC Terminal Box(TVC)
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