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Toyo Oki

Toyo Oki, or Toyooki Kogyo Co., Ltd., is on of the premier Japanese supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic fluid power pumps and motors. Here at Kaizen Automation, we work with suppliers like Toyo Oki to make sure that we only sell top brand name, high quality Japanese factory automation components at discounted prices and with shorter lead times.

A Brief History of Toyo Oki Japanese supplier of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fluid Power Pumps and Motors

toyo okiToyo Oki was founded in 1958 as Kariya Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Only two years later in 1960, the company was renamed Toyooki Kogyo Co., Ltd. In 1975, the production of TC pumps started as a result of a technical tie-up with the German company FHH. Four years later Toyo Oki developed low-power consumption type solenoid-operated valves. In 1981 Toyo Oki was honored with the Prime Minister’s Merit Award for Safety, and a year later started production of gear sets and automobile parts. In 1989 the company received the Deming Prize, formerly the Deming Application Prize for Small Companies. In 1994, Toyo Oki received the Award for TPM Excellence, Category A. The company then acquired an ISO 9001 certificate.

Flash forward to the 21st century when Toyo Oki acquired an ISO 14001 certificate, meaning the manufacturer met the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system. In 2004, the company achieved the enormous accomplishment of having 15.70 million hours of operation without accidents in Class 5. In 2005 hybrid hydraulic systems were developed, and two years later compact solenoid-operated valves were developed.

What We Sell

At Kaizen Automation we offer several versions of Toyo Oki parts, the first being the variable displacement piston pump HPP-VB2V-F8A3-B, the second being a solenoid valve HD3-2WD-BCA-025B-WYD2, and the third being a hydraulic valve HD3-2WD-BCA-025B-WYR1.

Kaizen Automation offers high quality and friendly technical support, as well as the best competitive pricing and quickest delivery for Japanese auto parts.

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