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Variable Displacement Piston Pumps

Kaizen Automation has an inventory of variable displacement piston pumps that were manufactured by Japanese automation manufacturers. One manufacturer, Toyo Oki, makes variable displacement piston pumps. These types of pumps convert machine power driven energy to hydraulic, or fluid energy. The displacement action can be varied while the variable displacement piston pump is running. Many times, you’ll find that these types of pumps are reversible. What this means is that you can also convert fluid energy, acting as a hydraulic motor into machine energy.

variable displacement piston pumpsThis type of apparatus is used in automobile technology and other vehicle technologies. In automobile related machines, the variable displacement piston pump is a pump that has several pistons that are arranged in a cylindrical order.

We carry hard to find products from a huge list of Japanese manufacturers. Click to our list of A-Z Japanese automation manufacturers that we carry parts from if you would like to see a complete list of Japanese factory automation component manufacturers that we carry products from. In some cases, parts may be obsolete or just impossible to find. In those cases, we can offer expertise on comparable parts that are available now.We would like to assist you with all of your retrofitting needs.

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